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The project

PiFbase International is a 2.5 years strategic partnership between three youth organisations in Finland, Romania and Sweden. This long-term collaboration happens between March 2017- August 2020.


Our main goal is to improve the quality of youth work through an innovative method called PiFbase – Pay it Forward Be a Social Entrepreneur.


We use coaching as the central tool and we strongly believe in social inclusion and celebration of diversity.


We’re happy that you’ve decided to visit us – please browse our site to discover more about the project.

The project
The objectives


Objective 1:

professionalise 6 youth workers from 3 countries to use coaching in their practice, particularly when working with diversity and inclusion

Objective 2:

create space for 12 youth workers from 3 countries to share their good practices and know-how about working with underrepresented groups of youngsters

Objective 3:

create a set of handbooks and visual materials that will support youth workers’ personal and professional development

Objective 4:

improve capacity building, management and collaboration skills within the 3 partner organisations

Objective 5:

increase the 3 partner organisations’ ability to work with underrepresented groups through promotion of social entrepreneurship

Objective 6:

 improve the 3 organisations’ strategies and methods related to high quality youth work and to establishing connections within the local community.


The PiFbase Team

Project managers Sweden

Karin Wouda

I am in this project because Awesome People came up with the idea of the PiFbase method and we wanted to try it in different countries and to develop the method and the material and thanks to this strategic partnership we have a fantastic team who are working with social entrepreneurship and coaching using the PiFbase method and working hard to develop the method and in the same time improve the quality of youth work.


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Fredrik Wouda

I am here because Awesome People came up with the idea of the PiFbase method and because i am very passionated about giving tools and opportunity to young people so they can fulfil there dreams and goals in life. This strategic partnership with these awesome NGO's will take the method to another level and put quality youth work on the map.


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The Team

Project managers Finland

Niina Koivuniemi

I'm Niina, Executive Director of youth entrepreneurship house Innola Finland. We joined this project because this coaching method is awesome and we want to be involved in developing it. With all this we can teach youngpeople to Identify their own strengths and work well for the good of others.


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Petra Saarinen

My name is Petra and I am a (youth entrepreneurial)coach in Yrittäjyystalo Innola ry. I am in this project to improve youngsters possibilities to get to know their strengths and give offer them a safe learning environment to try out different things. In Innola we have used coaching method for over 10 years and we want to share our experiences and learn new methods using coaching as a way of empowering the youth.


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Project managers Romania


The PiFbase Coaches

Stephanie Stjärnlöv

The PiFbase process gave me so much when I was young and only a coachee. I entered the project because I wished for other youngsters to get the same opportunity that I got that made me who I am today.



Fia Lindstedt



I’m joining Pifbase because it is an awesome opportunity to make other people happy! I enjoy working with youngsters and hope to develop my own coaching skills. It’s very rewarding to follow and support youngsters in their journey and hopefully I can make a difference!

Carmen Ionita

I am here because I am very passionate about inclusive education and how we can find ways to promote and implement it. I am also here to learn and to connect my theoretical background with real world practice.


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Cristina Goroneanu

I’m passionate in empowering youngsters in finding the right way in personal and professional life, in helping them to be the change in their community.


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Cosmina Coco

The curiosity represented the main reason for which I chose to be involved in this project and to take part at this process. The desire to develop myself in every way it's possible and to improve my teaching experience represents a fertile ground for the decision I've taken. I'm grateful that I had the opportunity to experience this personal growing.



Laura Mistodinis

My motivation for being involved in the project comes from the satisfaction I get when I work with youngsters. I used to be a teacher and getting the chance to be a coach and support youth in their journeys is a very rewarding experience. I am also very motivated to work with underrepresented youth and to feel that I have a real impact.





My name is Pia and I have been working as a coordinator in two youth projects, five years in total. Latest project was about youth entrepreneurship education. I am happy to see youths growth and enthusiasm. I'm also interested in international projects. I have done many youth exchanges with youngsters and done also projects with colleagues from different countries all over the world.



First time I heard about this project was few months ago and I thought: "Wow! This sounds super interesting, would be great to get in!" I am grateful to be involved in this amazing project which allows amazing experiences to youngsters. Pay it forward.

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